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What Do We Inspect?

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What Will the Inspection Cover?

Your home inspection will usually take 3 hours, depending on the size and condition of the home. You’re welcome to follow along as we inspect, but many of our clients prefer to arrive near the end of the inspection for a 30 minute “inspection review”, which is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have as we walk-through the house together reviewing anything we might have found. During the walk-through, we’ll discuss any major defects that need to be addressed and point out any items that may need future repair. We’ll also show you where turn on/off your water, electric, and gas.



Including siding, trim, flashings, paint, windows, deck, stoops, porches, walkways, railings, drainage, and garage doors. Many of these areas are susceptible to water intrusion and damage. We look for current or potential problem areas.

Rooftop Including chimneys, skylights, flashings, and all types of shingles, tile and coverings.
Structural Home Inspection Includes the foundation, floors, walls, attics, crawlspaces, carports, pools, pool enclosures and outbuildings.
Interior Including doors, windows, ceilings, floors, railings, partitions, fixtures, appliances and floor finish integrity (cracks, damaged wood flooring, moisture issues).
Including attics, walls, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, foundations and crawl spaces. Proper insulation and ventilation in these area are key to year round energy savings.
Heating / Ventilation / Air Conditioning – Including cooling equipment, controls, piping, fuel supply, distribution methods and ductwork, chimneys, flues, vents, fireplace damper door and hearth, furnaces and safety controls.
Electrical Including wiring, main service panel and disconnect, switches, outlets, conductors, breakers and fuses, receptacles, including GFCI, smoke detectors, electrical service line,
type of grounding and meter box.
Plumbing Including main water shut off valves, hot water heating units, faucets, fixtures, water flow and piping, water pumps and pool pumps.

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